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November 6 & 7, 2014

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As President of the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care I represent the interests of over 4,000 licensed respiratory therapists in our state.

I am writing to urge your support or co-sponsorship of HR 2619 The Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. This legislation would amend Medicare Part B to provide coverage of pulmonary self-management education and training services furnished by qualified respiratory therapists in the physician practice setting for patients diagnosed with pulmonary diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis and cystic fibrosis.

According to the American Lung Association’s 2013 Estimated Prevalence and Incidence of Lung Disease, in Missouri 377,353 of our citizens have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) while 421,505 have been diagnosed with Adult Asthma

The Medicare program today is centered on improving quality care, getting better value for its money, and reducing excess hospital readmissions.  For those with chronic lung disease, a key goal to achieving these outcomes is to reduce or eliminate exacerbations which can lead to costly emergency room visits and/or hospital admissions/readmissions. HR 2619 The Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act addresses these goals.

With the new paradigm in health care and the value Medicare places on quality, we believe it is time for Congress to recognize the contributions that can be made by qualified respiratory therapists who are the only allied health professional with comprehensive education in all aspects of pulmonary medicine.

Passage of  HR 2619 The Medicare Respiratory Therapy Access Act will give the physician the option to utilize the respiratory therapists’ skill set and increase access to care for a subset of Medicare beneficiaries.  This is especially important given the predictions of physician shortages with the aging of the baby boomers into the Medicare system and the ever-increasing cost of treating chronic diseases.

Respiratory therapists in Missouri are very proud that you have shown decades long commitment to those who suffer from pulmonary disease.

On behalf of the thousands of Missouri respiratory therapists and the thousands of Missouri citizens suffering from pulmonary disease, I ask your assistance supporting or co-sponsoring HR 2619 The Medicare Respiratory Therapy Access Act.


Cheryl A. Hoerr, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC

President, Missouri Society for Respiratory Care



ACT NOW! Support HR 2619 – the Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act

Rep. John Lewis from Georgia introduced ‘HR 2619’. As you may recall, this legislation would amend Medicare Part B to provide coverage of chronic disease management services furnished by a Respiratory Therapist in the physician practice setting. The ultimate goal is to provide those with chronic lung disease greater access to RT’s and to the self-management education and training that they are currently lacking.

Frank Salvatore, AARC’s Federal Government Affairs Committee Chairman, has charged each state with the following:

‘For the State Leadership, I ask that you begin helping the PACT communicate this throughout your state by having your webmaster attach a link to the banner ad on the AARC Website.  We also need to get the information flowing throughout your states.  Prepare to get those e-mails, phone calls and faxes going.

This bill is the right thing for our patients because it would provide improved access to the skills of a Respiratory Therapist for all patients with lung disease .  Respiratory Therapists will have an active role in decreasing healthcare costs by educating patients on better self-management skills which will contribute to a decreased use of medical resources through fewer hospital and ED visits.

It is critical for each and every therapist to write a letter to their congressional representatives now that they are back in session.  We will not succeed in moving our profession forward without your support.  And please encourage your patients, friends, family and coworkers to write also.

SEND YOUR EMAIL OF SUPPORT NOW BY VISITING:     http://capwiz.com/aarc/issues/

I hope that you will act soon to support your profession and the patients that we serve!

Thank you,

Cheryl Hoerr, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC

President, Missouri Society for Respiratory Care


The MSRC Board of Directors takes pride in providing a current web page for members and visitors with an interest in the field of Respiratory Care.  We hope you find it to be both helpful and informative.

As noted in our Mission Statement, the objectives of the MSRC are to:

  • Encourage, develop and provide educational programs for those interested in respiratory care.
  • Advance the science, technology, ethics and art of respiratory care using all methods and procedures suitable and appropriate.
  • Facilitate cooperation and understanding among RCPs and physicians, allied health professionals, hospitals, industry, government organizations and other agencies interested in respiratory care.
  • Provide education to the public in pulmonary health promotion and disease prevention.

We hope to meet all expectations of these objectives by:

  • Supporting the Missouri Schools of Respiratory Care, and providing RCP’s with quality educational lectures at our annual meeting.
  • Encouraging students and practitioners participation for research papers, abstracts, and poster presentations at the state and national level
  • Contacting state governmental officials at annual Legislative Days to heighten awareness of the importance and appropriateness of Respiratory Care Practitioners providing patient care to cardiopulmonary patients
  • Providing health screenings and educational literature promoting pulmonary health and disease prevention and education in each District in Missouri

The MSRC Board of Directors consists of many hard-working volunteer individuals who practice and/or live in the state of Missouri. You would be a welcomed addition to our group, regardless if you are an experienced veteran or new to the profession. Get involved, bring new ideas, make new friends, and help our profession. I encourage you to participate on our committees, attend any Board of Directors meeting, or to consider running for a future office.

Thank you for your interest in the Missouri Society for Respiratory Care (MSRC) and for visiting our site. It is our goal to enhance the level of pulmonary wellness and care in the state of Missouri, one breath at a time!

If you would like more information about the MSRC, if you would like to join the MSRC or if you are interested in becoming more involved in your professional organization, please contact:

Cheryl Hoerr, MBA, RRT, CPFT, FAARC
Phone: (573) 458-7642
Email: Click Here


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